Culture & Heritage

Amreli is a confluence of vast sea coast having different types of marine biodiversity and gir forest area having the roars of gir lions, which are available nowhere in the world.

Amreli mainly dependent on Agriculture and Animal husbandry is known as part of Kathiavadi culture.

After Gaikwadi administration, Amreli given the first Chief Minister of Garvi Gujarat as Dr. Jivraj Mehta. Savarkundla and Lathi area is known as Fort of Gohilvad which was administered by the Pricely Poet Kalapi, the Gazals of whose are still live in the minds of Gujarat. Babra area is known as Panchal area.

Amreli is also the Karambhumi (Working place) of National poet Sri Javerchand Meghani. Khambha area is famous for its Forest Caves and palace of Gir lions. Bhomkaos from the area of Rajula, Jafrabad known as Babariwad, having a vast sea coast Arabian sea established special identity to Amreli district.

Even after geographical diversity, people of Amreli are full of cultural unity and communal harmony.

Amreli is the land of princely poet, Kavi Kalapi of Lathi state, and famous poet Ramesh Parekh also belonged to Amreli. Also Amreli is famous for its famous jewels like Poet Padam Bhushna Sri Dula Bhaya Kag, World famous Magician K. Lal, Poet Hans, Poet Kant and dignitaries like Dr. Vasantbhai Parekh who was honored by Hon’ble President Sri Abdul Kalam Ajad

People of Amreli are lucky to have and obliged and benefited by the famous saints like Mahatma Muldas, Bhoja Bhagat and Swami Muktanand.

Festivals of Holi, Diwwali, Shivratri, Navratri, Dashehara, are organized regularly and during these and other times number of folk fairs are arranged in which Amreli people take part with full joy, faith and gaiety.