The office of Mamlatdar has assumed important status from ancient times. The word “Mamlatdar” is derived from original Arabic World MUAMLA (Mamla) means complicated matter or case and the officer who solves such matters or issues is Mamlatdar. The Mamlatdar is the Head of revenue administration consisting of average 50 or more groups of villages.

The state government appoints Mamlatdar under section-12 of Land Revenue Code. Mamlatdar is also an executive magistrate under section-20 of the Indian Criminal Procedure Code 1973. The Mamlatdar is a gazetted officer of the State Government. As the collector is the head of the district so Mamlatdar plays role of head of Taluka. He is responsible to Prant officer and collector and he solves problems of people by coming in direct contact of the people. Thus the Mamlatdar has a multipurpose role to play at Taluka level.

Taluka Mamlatdar Office List
Taluka Designation Contact
Amreli Mamlatdar, Amreli +91 2792 223225
Babara Mamlatdar, Babara +91 2791 233422
Bagasara Mamlatdar, Bagasara +91 2796 222194
Dhari Mamlatdar, Dhari +91 2797 225015
Jafrabad Mamlatdar, Jafrabad +91 2794 245436
Khambha Mamlatdar, Khambha +91 2797 260528
Lathi Mamlatdar, Lathi +91 2793 250542
Liliya Mamlatdar, Liliya +91 2793 236538
Rajula Mamlatdar, Rajula +91 2794 222013
Savarkundla Mamlatdar, Savarkundla +91 2845 224200
Vadiya Mamlatdar, Vadiya +91 2796 273388