Places of Interest

1. Nagnath Temple, Amreli

Nagnath Photo

This temple, located in the middle of Amreli city, is 203 years old. In the year 1802, this temple of Shiva was constructed by Sarsubha Shri Vitrilrao Dewaji, who was managing the Saurashtra as a representative of Sayajirao Gaekwad. This temple is the center of faith and belief of people.

2. Gir Lion Sanctuary

Gir Photo

Area comprising of 379.9 Sq. K.M. lies in Dhari, Khambha, Savarkundla talukas. A dynamic self-supporting, self-sustaining ecosystem, Gir is the only abode of Asiatic Line in the world. Animal species like Gir Lion, Panthers, Hyena, Indian Deer, Chital, Nilgiri, Chinkara, Antelope are found in sanctuary. Eagle, Owl, Vulture, Quail, fly catcher, Woodpecker, Oriole are also residing here. Crocodile, Snakes, Cobra are also found in forest.

3. Bhurakhiya Hanuman Mandir, Lathi


In Village Bhurakhiya Lathi taluka of Amreli Dist, temple is about 400 years old. As per lokvarta, poet Pigalshibhai Gadhvi felt about the power of Hanuman Temple here. Pilgrims from far places come here to fulfill their wish. In Hindu Month Chaitra, Sudh -15, a big and lok fair is organized here..

4. Khodiyar Mandir, Dam site, Dhari


Shetrunji is the largest river in the district of Amreli. It flows from the village of Chanchai hill to the village of dhari. Khodiyar dam is built on it in 1967 and it has reservoirs of 32 million water.

5. RAJMAHEL, Amreli


Inheritage site of Gaikvad King of Vadodara, the palace is about 170 years old.

6. Bhojaldham


About 7 km from Amreli in Fattepar Village, place is famous for the seat of Saint BhojalRam, who was Guru and mentor of famous saint Sri Jalaram of Virpur.

7. Clock Tower, Amreli



Built during the time of Gaikvad rein.amrelitower

8. Pipavav Port, Rajula


This port is in Pipavav village of Rajula Taluka about 100 KM from Amreli. It is linked to Mumbai by railway line having double-deckor containers goods train facility