About District

Amreli District is named after the city name Amreli, which is the District head quarter. Amreli District was formerly a part of Princely Vadodra State. From the holy stone of Shilalekh of Holy Temple Nagnath at Amreli it has came to be known that Amreli was known as Amravaali in historical age.

Amreli is a confluence of vast sea coast having different types of marine biodiversity and gir forest area having the roars of gir lions, which are available nowhere in the world.

Amreli mainly dependent on Agriculture and Animal husbandry is known as part of Kathiavadi culture.

Till 1949 Amreli was a prant of Vadodara state.

In November-1956 states were reorganized, Amreli became part of bilingual Varahat Mumbai state alongwith Vidarbh, Marathwada, Saurashtra and Kutch, and On May1, 1960 Mumbai state was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat and from that date Amreli became the part of Gujarat state.


Amreli district is situated in Saurashtra Region of Gujarat State

North Latitudes – 20° 45′ to 22° 15′

East Longitudes – 70° 13′ to 71° 45′


North  – Rajkot and Botad Dist 

West    -Junagadh and Gir Somnath Dist 

East      -Bhavnagar Dist 

South   – Arabian sea


Hot to Moderate Hot and Dry

Main Crops

Groundnut, Bajri, Jowar, Cotton, Sugarcane